“Homecoming” by Angelo Ancheta, translation of “Sa Aking Pag-uwi” by Genevieve L. Asenjo

(a translation of “Sa Aking Pag-uwi” by Genevieve L. Asenjo)

Come, Ging let us
imagine once more the fields.
Come, run after the butterflies
and dragonflies fluttering as fast
as our fleeting minds.
By the way, tomorrow I
will be washing clothes
by the brook. You mean
Downy, Surf, Tide Ultra
are new varieties of water lilies?
Now how would Nonoy hear
the mellow moos of cows
before he butchers them for sale?
Where do we hide our hunger
if even the acacia trees have fallen
down thanks to a chainsaw?

Ging, let me just adore then
those glittering fireflies
now only in your eyes.

Angelo B. Ancheta
Taytay Rizal, Philippines

Sa Aking Pag-uwi
Genevieve Asenjo

Halika, Ging, samahan mo
akong isaulo muli ang palayan.
Habulin natin ang mga paruparo
at tutubi, kasimbilis ng kanilang
pagkabanhaw sa ating isipan.
S’yanga pala, maglalaba ako bukas.
Huwag mong sabihing mga pakete
na ng Downy, Surf at Tide Ultra
ang mga isda at hipong lumalangoy
sa sapa.Saan na lang hahanapin
ni Nonoy ang lamig na inuungol
ng tinda niyang baka?
At ang aming pangungulila,
saan namin ikukubli kung pati ang maka-
saysayang akasya natumba na
sa bagrut ng chainsaw?

Ging, maging ang kislap
ng mga alitaptap,
hahanapin ko na lang
sa ‘yong mga mata.

Genevieve L. Asenjo
Home Life Magazine, Sept. 2007 Vol 53. No7 Issue

Story Behind the Translation of “Sa Aking Pag-uwi”

One Sunday I was piling up old newspapers and magazines that are almost as tall as me when a copy of Home Life Magazine (Vol. 53. No7, Sept 2007 issue) caught my attention. I turned the pages and reread the poetry and fiction section when I came across this poem. There were around 10 poems in the poetry section. After reading “Sa Aking Pag-uwi,” I noted the strong ‘environmental theme’ which resonated in me as my thoughts were about environmental awareness then. I then decided to recreate the experience by way of translating which gave birth to “Homecoming”.

Angelo B. Ancheta is a freelance I.T. consultant specializing in enterprise software and web applications. He writes feature articles and, occasionally, poetry and fiction.

Litrato mula sa http://byczek.wordpress.com/2011/01/14/andrew-syred-sem-photos/

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