An Afternoon Around San Pedro, San Jose, Antique


I’m on summer vacation. This one promises to be the longest, and one for the books: #125DaysOfSummer, starting last May 01 until August 25.

I am home in my province Antique. Yesterday, I visited a college friend and fellow Antiquena who is now a successful lawyer. She is happily married with one son, my ihado (godson), in their lovely place in San Pedro, San Jose de Buenavista, the capital town of the province, and San Pedro being one of its biggest barangays.

Now, what to do in San Pedro when you have only an afternoon, a night, and a morning after?

My kumare drove me around the area at sundown. Here’s our prized destinations, captured by iPhone4S, unedited and unfiltered:

1. The San Pedro Church & Convent, Its Garden and Ruins
San Pedro Chapel




2. St. Peter’s Seminary

St. peter's seminary

St. Peter's Chair at the ground of St. Peter's Seminary.
St. Peter’s Chair at the ground of St. Peter’s Seminary.

3. FarmVille

This 4-year old  FarmVille is owned and managed by the municipality of San Jose. Open to the public.
This 4-year old FarmVille is owned and managed by the municipality of San Jose. Open to the public.





Many thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Kano Moscoso for the warm reception and gift of plants and stories.

4. San Pedro River & Shore — The Sunset

I remembered old friends who used to live in another barangay here at San Jose who told me that among the many places they have traveled in the country and abroad, the best sunset for them happened here at San Jose, Antique.

I found myself not only remembering but agreeing as I relished this beauty.


I’m glad and grateful about this serendipitous discovery of San Pedro. Many thanks to the generosity of my kumare and her family.

I am writing this, the morning after before home in Dao – a town away – at the Kanyogan Garden Restaurant in Bantayan Road, Atabay, San Jose: a must-see place.

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