“When Eyes Meet Eyes…” ni Ma. Milagros Geremia-Lachica

Nenen Geremia-Lachica/Bag-ong Bahit
Nenen Geremia-Lachica/Bag-ong Bahit
When Eyes Meet Eyes…”

I never thought that eyes could convey,
what the heart feels – much more
than words can say;
but sometimes man is a fool –
he likes to hear everything,
as in a grammar school:
“I love you…”
it sounds so empty and hollow;
then say it with expression and zest,
and one would tell you that you jest;
but let the eyes meet eyes
and nature takes care of ensuing sighs.

-Ma. Milagros Geremia Lachica

Una na-publish sa Woman’s: Home Companion, May 27. 1981. Halin sa email ni Nang Nenen.

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