Pagbayaw: A Conference on the Sugidanon slated November 14-16, 2013

"Ang Urihi nga Manugsaut kang Binanog"
“Ang Urihi nga Manugsaut kang Binanog” Litrato: Fuji Teodosio

The public is invited to Pagbayaw, a cultural conference and exhibit on the Sugidanon, the epics of Panay, to be held on November 14-16, 2013 at the U.P. Visayas, Iloilo City.

Scholars and artists based in Iloilo, Manila and abroad are expected to interpret the different epics through academic and creative papers and artistic exhibition. They include UP Vice President Maragtas Amante, Katrin de Guia, Liby Limoso, Rene Trance, John Barrios, Genevieve Asenjo, Agnes Espano, David Gowey, Felicia Flores, Ces Nunez, Randy Madrid, Tomasito Talledo, Elsie Caballero, Lord Jane Dordas, Rolinda Gilbaliga, Fel Caesar Cadiz, U.P. Dance students led by Steve Villaruz in collaboration with Nila Gonzalez’s dancers, among others. Subjects will range from labor economy, historical perspectives, genealogies of chanters and characters of the Sugidanon, interpretations of Amburukay as a witch character, the Balangay of Labaw Donggon with a demo on boat making, ancestral and environmental spirits, power and politics, mentoring the mentors of Balay Turun-an, birds in the Sugidanon, and various other topics.

Part of the highlights of this event is the workshops with the Panay Bukidnon chanters. There will also be exhibits to be curated by Dayang Yraola of the U.P. Center for Ethnomusicology.

The conference will open with an Ambahan or welcome chant to be performed by GAMABA awardee Federico Caballero and welcome speeches by Dr. Amante, UPV-CAS Dean Ma. Luisa Mabunay, Balay Patawili president Ma. Christine Muyco and professor emeritus Dr. Alicia Magos.

Conference proper will start with a Sugidanon about “Hampuro” to be chanted by Romulo Caballero, with music and traditional dance to be performed by Panay Bukidnon musicians and dancers.

Bound copies of the Sugidanon translated from archaic Kinaray-a to Hiligaynon, Filipino and English will be presented at the last part of the conference. Documentation of the Sugidanon is a result of Dr. Magos’more than 20 years of integration in the day to day life and culture of the Panay Bukidnon in the Calinog (Iloilo) – Tapaz (Capiz) area. The documentation is up for publication by the UP Press.

Registration fee is P100 per day.

Agnes E. Dimzon
Conference Coordinator

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