Ang Pinalangga ko nga Tatay Pedro C.Ayson Sr. ni Elma “Nenen” Ayson-Mckeown

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Ang Pinalangga ko nga Tatay-Pedro C. Ayson Sr.

29 thoughts on “Ang Pinalangga ko nga Tatay Pedro C.Ayson Sr. ni Elma “Nenen” Ayson-Mckeown

  1. Salamat gid sa komento manang Ebonia Seraspi many thanks for the inspiring words for me..yes, i have my disability but i tried my best to do what i can do but slowly as long i have my mind set up & refresh. Even though will give me headaches after using my brain :).. Tatlo na ka tuig ang nalipas na pumanaw run ang Tatay ko pero pirme ko mabatyagan nga buhi lang tana kag nagabakasyon lamang hasta kami magakitaay liwan.

    inday Mary Beth Mondejar, thank you sa komento..sorry kadya ko lang gleh nabasa…ayti kon indi adlaw ni Tatay wara ko maghapit rugya kag magcheck buhay run. Yes, Tatay is forever in my heart he’s alive and today the Eagles in flight & Butterflies hovering up above & around me..great to know his spirit i felt.


  2. Ebonia Seraspe ay nagsabing: *

    Read your story “Ang pinalangga ko nga tatay” I rated it excellent for it is very touching and your father is a role model to all tatays. You are blessed to have a father like him. So how are you now? Aida told me that you have also a problem with your eyesight which was also a result of that accident. But you still can write and type on the computer. You are also a role model for whatever handicapped you have, you rise above it and stll very productive. You are a storyteller but at the same time a poet. More power to you.


  3. thea,

    Salamat gid sa pagbasa kag sa manami mo nga komento..Kita tanan may magkaiba iba nga talento nga gintugro kang Mahal nga Dios sa aton kag para aton magamit sa aton pagpadayon pagkabuhi. Kita ang instrumento na para makita ang anang Gahom, Gugma kag Grasya! Padayon lang kita..


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