‘Thirteenth Labor’ by Ma. Milagros G. Lachica

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Nenen Geremia-Lachica/Bag-ong Bahit
Nenen Geremia-Lachica/Bag-ong Bahit

Old Man Winter came as Hercules
he stayed the night then rushed off to sea
leaving behind a coat so thick and white
not his lion-skin one, and not his club
but a shovel for this thirteenth labor
he dumped in my driveway

Thank heavens my task
was nothing like his fifth labor
no rivers to reroute
to flush out filth from the stables
but as Zeus’ mighty breath warmed
rivulets started flowing
sweeping clean my labor
off my car and pathway
like Hercules, I had until sundown
But I was done before midday.

MMLachica, 01.07.2014

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