“Return to the Cave,” Hinilawod: Adventures of Humadapnon

Featured Image by Czharisse Ventanilla
Hinilawod_Camille Infante-and_Luisa Lioanag

Illustrated version of Chapter 17, “Return to the Cave,” of the Panay-Visayan epic Hinilawod as retold by anthropologist F.Landa Jocano from the sugilanon of Panay-Bukidnon/Sulodnon, with their master chanter Hugan-an. Accomplished by Camille Infante and friend Luisa Lioanag, with featured poster by Czharisse Ventanilla. These inspired creative works were submitted as final requirement in the course Philippine Epics, a literature elective offered by Dr. Genevieve L.Asenjo of the Dept. of Literature, College of Liberal Arts, De La Salle University-Manila (Term 1, AY 2011-2012) and posted here with their permission.

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