Love @ First Visit: Marcia Adams’ Tuscany-Garden Restaurant 

My sunrise window.
My sunrise window.

Hopped into a Nasugbu-bound bus this Sunday to check-out Marcia Adams in Alfonso. Went down along Residence Inn and walked toward the arch to the right side of the road. From there, I walked down the road and found Marcia Adams. From Manila, this is after Antonio’s and before Sonya’s.

I arrived an hour earlier before their opening time, which is 11:30 in the morning. Obviously, I was the first customer, and I must say the staff were all friendly and welcoming. I chose this table by the window in the main dining hall. For the sunrise.

These are the other dining areas:
marcia adams

marcia adams_2
marcia adams_food
My order of grilled pork chop, a main course that came with dessert.

marcia adams
This is said to be the most favorite spot for couples, especially during sunset, which I missed as I head back an hour after lunch, after I finished one writing draft.

My most memorable story: I met Nanay Loida, Marcia’s 80-year-old Mom. When she knew I’m from Antique, we conversed in Kinaray-a. Before my lunch came, she offered me a plate of nilagang saba, and afterwards, brewed coffee. For free. But what delighted me most of all is this: when I told Nanay that I write in Kinaray-a, she replied: “So you’re like Magdalena…” Magdalena here is Magdalena Jalandoni, the considered grand dame of Hiligaynon literature in the early to the middle-part of the last century. Her novels were serialized in local magazines and Nanay had read them. Nanay also regaled me with stories about the Japanese Occupation in Sibalom, her hometown in Antique. Then Nanay walked me up back to the main road, and I was certain I will return – with friends.

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